United Solo, Michael Moore & Me!?!

For 2018 I am contemplating entering my solo show, The F Words, into United Solo in New York City.  In fact the applications are now open and the early-bird deadline is tomorrow.  I know this because I just took a quick peak at the website to check.  I have checked several times already and I still haven’t committed to it by just signing up.

Today I see that Michael Moore won the United Solo Special Award

Here’s what United Solo had to say, “At the United Solo Gala held on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Theatre Row in New York many artists were recognized with awards for their achievements in the art of solo performance. On behalf of the United Solo Academy, Omar Sangare, the Artistic Director of the festival, presented the United Solo Special Award to Michael Moore for his show, “The Terms of My Surrender.”

During its ten-week run, the United Solo Festival offered 120 stage productions representing six continents. Nearly 60 shows sold out, and were presented several times due to popular demand. “

I feel overwhelmed and a little anxious when I think about the possibility of my show being in a theatre right after Michael Moore’s show and yet, I want to try.  Some little voice is niggling at me in the back of my mind, and I know who’s voice it is too.  It’s my Nana’s voice, in her thick Greek accent saying “Nothing from nothing… is nothing.” and I know exactly what she means.  If you have nothing and you do nothing you will still have nothing…. so today I will get my application in.  I hear you Nana and I will try.  

You can check out more about United Solo at http://www.unitedsolo.org and please cross your fingers for me that I get in and will have the opportunity to present my show at the  United Solo Festival held on Theatre Row on 42nd Street in New York in 2018!