Censored in Saskatchewan?

When I arrived and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina with the poster for my fringe show,   The F Words, I had no idea that I was about to be censored.
It was about 8 pm in the evening when I approached the Regina Fringe volunteers at the table just inside the museum, and a fringe volunteer told me they were not allowed to put up my poster for The F Words.  He was very apologetic and talked in hushed tones.  When I asked why my poster could not be displayed, I was told that the Museum Staff had censored it because it was “suggestive.”
“Suggestive… REALLY?”
The poster features the title of my show and an image of me waving along with the words, “Fab, Funny, Fierce!  and the show times for the Regina International Fringe Festival.
And then the RIFF (Regina International Fringe Festival) volunteer advised me to see the Museum Staff at the front desk.  I approached the museum staff with my poster and a cheery disposition and I was told once again that my  poster was offensive and could not be displayed because of it’s suggestive title.  “We have camps for children in the building and that poster can not be displayed.
When I inquired further I was told, “It says, The F Word,” to which I replied, “Actually… it says WORDS… there is an “s” there.
The show is about lots of words which begin with the letter F.  So you are actually censoring me?”  I was then told that the RSM was a government building and that as such, government buildings would not display my poster.
Upon leaving the museum, I was gob-smacked, confused and in-sensed.  What about freedom of speech? The RIFF did not inform me that my poster would be subjected to censorship when they took my $550 registration fee.
If the government of Saskatchewan would not display her poster in their buildings, why did the Minister of Culture, Gene Makowsky attend the opening media morning of the RIFF and congratulate her on her show?
I get it about the kids… but the camps are over at 5 pm… why couldn’t my poster be displayed after 5 pm… just for the evening of shows?
I’d love to know what you all think about this?
Please leave a comment below!
The F Words features a woman’s unrelenting compulsion to explore self image and feeling lost by delving into topics like ageism, fattism, sexuality, self worth, spirituality, and female friendship. Unabashed and bitter-sweet, this comedy, intermingles with an exploration of how words and our relationship to them shapes, holds, imprisons or releases us.
The F Words features the ferociously fearless talent of Yvette Dudley-Neuman, a professional performer from Coquitlam, B.C. who has shared her work at the Edmonton, Vancouver and Theatre on the Edge Fringe Festivals.
The script, generated from her passion, is part auto-biographical, part research, and part whimsical fantasy. She’s excited by the opportunity to give voice to an under represented portion of older women, missing from the Canadian and International theatre mosaic by sharing The F Words with an audience who will embrace the main character, Fran, because they know and are “her”. This is not to exclude the male population, as feedback has shown that the show resonates significantly with men, who expressed their emotional engagement and relation to topics of body image, ageism and isolation.
Dudley-Neuman is an award winning Actor, Singer, and Writer, committed to exhibiting new and established Canadian works that encourage opportunities for Canadian artists to share and hone their talents.
Fierce, funny & fearless, follow Fran & friends on this fast-paced frolic. Experience Fran’s unrelenting compulsion to explore The F Words from Fat, Forty, Forgotten & F**cked to F??? Winner of Honourable Mention (Theatre BC Play Writing Competition) this multi-media solo-show is “lively, tough, sexy, hilarious, relatable & transformational!

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