The F Words

The F Words is about a woman’s unrelenting compulsion to explore self image and feeling lost by delving into topics like ageism, fattism, sexuality, self worth, spirituality, and female friendship. Unabashed, bitter-sweet, comedy, intermingled with an exploration of how words and our relationship to them shapes, holds, imprisons or releases us.

Photo Gallery by Bruce McPherson Photography

The F Words features the ferociously fearless talent of Yvette Dudley-Neuman who will be sharing her new work at the Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe Festivals. The script, generated from her passion, is part auto-biographical, part research, and part whimsical fantasy.

She’s excited by the opportunity to give voice to an under represented portion of older women, missing from the Canadian and International theatre mosaic by sharing The F Words with an audience who will embrace the main character, Fran, because they know and are “her”. Feedback from public readings revealed that this script resonates significantly with men, who expressed their emotional engagement and relation to topics of body image, ageism and isolation.


Yvette Dudley- Neuman’s  “The F Words” was the last show I shot at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival. It was smart, funny, touching, and powerful.                                                – Bruce McPherson Photographer